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Celebrating 10 years of Service!

You inspire us! Thank you to all the amazing organizations we supported. We are excited and grateful and wanting to share just a few of the many lessons we learned:

VONA Fundraiser

What do Junot Diaz, Suheir Hammad, Stacyann Chin and Mat Johnson all have in common?
Where do writers of color build craft and community?
Who has the fashonistas, spoken word artists and self proclaimed word nerds all tearing up the stage together?

You guessed it - VONA

Voice of Our Nation Arts Foundation is a moving and inspiring organization that has nurtured over 2,000 writers of color from around the globe. They not only bring together renowned faculty but engage and nurture writers to bring their stories to the page.

Who - VONA and the Abinader Group are partnering to ensure writers of color have their voices heard & published
What - Fundraiser
When - Sept 30, 2012
Why - Abinader Group loves building community, honoring our stories, kicking back and supporting artists!

Check out VONA at http://www.voicesatvona.org
Event Details at http://vona.splashthat.com/ check for updates!