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Services & Case Studies

Abinader Group emphasizes the ability of a group to realize their hopes and dreams. We support your work through tailored results oriented consultation, based on time-proven techniques developed by our founder. Our mission and tenets guides the process development and service delivery.

Success Stories

These case examples highlight several of our successful engagements with clients. Each project direction and scope of work requires a variety of skill and focus. With the clients listed below Abinader Group provided small and large group event design and facilitation. For each client we emphasized inclusive participation with a diverse array of stakeholders. Through our facilitation process groups build a range of leadership and communication skills beyond the initial objective. Our integrated approach allows the group process to transform both internal and external relationships while sustaining future growth.

In All
Santa Clara
County Public
Health Dept
Facilitating Change Efforts o o o
Cultivating Leadership o o o o
Developing High Performance Teams o o
Building Collaborative Capacities o o
Promoting Inclusive Decision Making o o o o o
Formulating Short & Long Term Strategies o o o
Evaluating Results & Impact o o
Designing Systems, Standards, and Recommendations o o

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