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Engage. Commit. Transform.

Our Integrated Approach

Abinader Group advances a group's ability to realize their hopes and dreams. We support your work through tailored results oriented consultation. Our passion and drive is in promoting inclusive and collective action that achieves sustainable impact. Our goal is to assist groups in developing their own capacity, drive and innovation.


Every consulting journey begins with a conversation, a conversation that illuminates your group's desired outcomes, culture, readiness and specific challenges. With this understanding we work collaboratively to define a results oriented consulting strategy that reflects your particular situation and needs.

We bring to this process over 30 years of experience in helping groups achieve their goals. We draw from a variety of techniques, tools, and methods to design and facilitate your consulting journey. Our clients often comment on our flexible and responsive facilitation style. Particularly how we are able to successfully adapt our consulting strategy as situations change and unfold.


Essential in the success of any consulting effort is commitment to the process. As your consultant my commitment is to bring my best thinking, skill, and experience to our process. Committing to a collaborative journey invites participation and ensures that every voice is heard and honored.

Ownership of the end product begins with a strong commitment to the consulting journey from the beginning. Group engagement in the process breathes life into the effort. Your group provides the context, knowledge, and energy to define the path forward and shapes the character of success. It is through your active engagement that the end goals are realized.


The culmination of successful engagement and group commitment is transformation. Collectively the group sets their own course and challenges themselves to reach their goals. Through the change process the group builds communication and leadership skill and realizes unique approaches to decision making. These group characteristics help transform internal and external relationships and sustain future efforts.